Paul helped me find an amazing deal in Redondo! Moving from West LA I didn’t know much about the South Bay but Paul was extremely knowledgeable about the area and walked me through everything I needed to consider in making an informed decision. His communication is exceptional and he made a stressful process very easy. Will definitely call him for future transactions! 

Rebecca Neary

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We used Paul's services for three jobs in a row, which says a lot already. We initially met him through a family referral, and he helped us negotiate for and buy an investment property that we intended to build on. Thanks to his knowledge of the area and of real estate deals in general, we got a great price and were able to provide the sellers some unusual things they wanted - a true win-win.

Since we weren't ready to build quite yet, we used Paul's services again to find renters for a year - and Paul somehow found us renters that didn't just pay rent on time, but are still family friends now.

Finally, the time came to sell the house we had been living in - by far the biggest job so far. It wasn't easy - between cold markets and buyers that couldn't get funding, it took us almost a year. But, through all that, Paul remained patient and continued to strategize for us. We spoke after every open house and every potential buyer visit (and there must have been 50 of them), and even when things looked bleak to us, he always kept hope burning and the gears cranking in his mind.

Finally, early this summer, all our efforts paid off, and we closed escrow with a pile of cash and the knowledge that our home went to a family that will love and care for it as much as we did.

We wondered, like everyone else - why hire a real estate agent? Couldn't we just do it all ourselves? We found out from our dealings with Paul that it really pays to have someone on your side who knows what he's doing. Now that we're building our dream home, we don't plan to need a realtor for a long time...but if we do, we know who to call.

David & Diane Weaver

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Paul is an incredible realtor. I met him at an open house and immediately realized he knew the South Bay real estate market better than any other agent I had encountered at the scores of open houses I had attended. When it came time to sell my home I was confident Paul would get me a quick sale and top dollar. His background in engineering shaped his development as a real estate professional. He is highly analytical and knows exactly what a home is worth. When we listed our home we received a full price offer within hours, even before we had shown the property. The deal was consummated with no hiccups and Paul then found us our dream home 10 days later. He helped us navigate the offer process and was key in beating out 5 other offers through multiple rounds with his strategy. Anyone who is looking to buy or sell property, commercial or residential, in the South Bay, should strongly consider hiring Paul. I have the utmost confidence in his ability to deliver.

Omar & Rashaan Raiss

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My wife and I purchased our first home in Redondo Beach while living in San Francisco. Although we did not have a realtor, Paul Cooney served as a trustworthy intermediary during our home buying process. He made himself available around the clock whenever we had questions and kept our deal precisely on path. Our home purchase was able to close smoothly and we're excited to have a place to call home. We will gladly work with him again in the future. Highly recommended. 

Ryan & Sofia Northway

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I worked with Paul for two years looking for my dream home. He worked tirelessly and showed us dozens of homes before we finally found the one. He belongs to an exclusive network of agents who participate in a pocket listing database that opened up our pool of potential homes to purchase. This is a major advantage in a hyper-competitive market place like the South Bay. He also referred me to an incredible mortgage broker who made my loan application process a breeze. I used Paul for both buying my dream home and selling my condominium and urge anyone looking in the South Bay to utilize Paul for his expert negotiation skills and unparalleled knowledge of the local market place.

Omar & Rashaan Raiss

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I met Paul at an open house and he impressed me with his knowledge of the different neighborhoods in the South Bay area. We decided to let him represent us in our search for a home. Throughout the process he kept us informed and helped us navigate through the difficult Southern California real estate market. Overall he was very helpful in negotiating our deal and responsive to our needs/questions.

Troy & Theresa Tortorich

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Paul and I have conducted real estate business for years. He has an uncanny ability to understand the true value of almost every single residential real estate property he analyzes. I have done multiple (development) transactions with Paul as where he has brought on-market and off-market properties to our office and uncovered "hidden" value that most agents and investors would miss. He continues to impress me with his natural gift of valuing property, and negotiating contracts. To date, Paul has represented me on four transactions that were immensely profitable for me, and much of credit goes to Paul.He is a top notch agent for investors and residential home buyers alike. If you want to make money on your real estate investment, you would be a fool not to work with him.

Richard Haynes

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Paul was very helpful, friendly and offered some great advice which I am confident helped my wife and I secure our home. He was familiar with the local Torrance/Hawthorne areas and was able to provide information which gave my wife and me more confidence that we were making the right decision for our first home purchase. I felt that Paul was very sincere and genuinely cared about the purchase we were making, I didn't feel like he was just wanting to close the sale to get his piece of the pie. Thank you, Paul, for your help and support.

Miguel & Andrea

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Paul helped us navigate the process of buying this property earlier this year. Buying is very challenging right now - credit is tight and this area is a sellers' market. But, Paul successfully guided us through a very short, hectic escrow and helped us keep our cool through the speed bumps.

Paul managed to find the property, realize it was a good fit for us, connect us with the sellers and propose a mutually great deal even before it was on the market.

We were impressed by his initiative and creativity throughout the process. We have not yet sold our previous house, and plan on using Paul as our listing agent when we are ready to move. Highly recommended.

Dave & Diane Weaver

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We met Paul at one of his open house listings. He took down our number and listened to what we wanted. When a pocket listing that fit our needs came up, he was aggressive in helping us obtain our home.

Ed & Jen Trejo

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Paul has been a great help to me and my family for the past ten years. We met him during an open house and found him so knowledgeable and likable that we adopted him as our real estate agent. With his assistance and knowledge of the market, we bought a rental property in Los Angeles in 2010 and our present home in Gardena in 2012. His experience and knowledge of the real estate market is invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who has real estate needs.

Bramadath & Bhamini Sharma

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My wife and I met Paul in an open house he was hosting. He immediately contacted us back with a couple of listings in the market meeting our criteria desiring to help us find a house in the Torrance area which we were not familiar with. He carefully listened to what we were looking for and we, especially my wife, were very picky in terms of what house we wanted to make an offer on. He gave his objective assessment of our chances in finding a house in the area. He patiently showed us a limitless amount of houses for a long time even though we kept finding one reason or another that prevented us to make an offer. And he encouraged and made offers on some that we wanted even though he thought our offer had little chance of being accepted during what was a competitive seller's market at the time. We eventually found a house that met our criteria for size, features, location, and price. We are very happy, especially my wife, that we were able to acquire the house we wanted through Paul's diligent and unrelenting search for our ideal house. He quickly responded to our needs during the escrow process until we closed. Both my wife and I have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone looking to buy or sell a house because of his diligent service or for that matter those who want to invest in real estate. He takes special care of his clients, buyer or seller, and I also find him technically/financially competent in analyzing real estate investment opportunities which we were also interested in most likely because of his engineering background.

Glecy & Hector Torres

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Paul helped us find our home in a very challenging market. Our home was found by Paul that was essentially hidden from the overall market. He was able to close the offer contract quickly.

Ray & Vanna Guszak

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Paul is great. He has helped us with numerous properties. He is very helpful and patient. He is not pushy. We love working with him. He goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He is truly a great individual who cares about our wants and needs. We recommend him to all of our friends!!!

Hilda & Richy Agajanian

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Paul was real responsive and eager to help...My purchase took a lot of time and patience since it was a short sale...not many realtors will even engage with a short sale.

David Durner


Paul was my realtor in purchasing our first home and he helped us in negotiations. He still stays in touch and provides current market snapshots. Thanks, Paul.

Tiffany Shiau

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In September 2008, I bought a new two bedroom condo in Torrance with the help of my real estate agent, Paul Cooney. I had been in the market for over a year, waiting for the price of housing to drop. Paul had been continuously sending me emails over the months showing various units up for sale. Finally, in June, I received an email displaying a nice two bedroom unit at the right price. I arranged a visit with Paul, and after taking a look at it, I decided to make an offer.

It turns out the unit was a short sale, meaning that the sale would have to be approved by the lender, and not just the owner. After weeks of meandering through the difficult waters of a short sale, the lender shut down their short sale department, seemingly rendering the sale dead in the water. However, Paul negotiated with the current owners and their real estate agent to try to make the sale happen. We agreed that the current owners and I would each come up with a little extra money in order to no longer have it a short sale. When all was said and done, I paid no more than the original asking price, which was lower than any other two bedroom unit that I could find in the area.

During the loan process, Paul placed me in contact with a lender who had worked with him before. Although I eventually decided to go with the loan provided by another broker that I had previously contacted, the fact that I had two lenders competing for my business had the effect of lowering my closing costs and interest rate.

Paul took care of most of the items that had to be done for the sale, making my participation in the process relatively quick and painless, which is something I needed due to all the other responsibilities that I had at the time.

Scott Bauer

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My husband and I were very pleased with our Realtor, Paul, who worked with us professionally, and thoroughly. He was informative, knowledgeable, and his goal was to provide us the best service and home that would fit our budget and lifestyle. Thanks to Paul, we have a beautiful home in a very upscale, safe and friendly neighborhood!

Angella & Mark Royan

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